The Situation, 7/26/15

The Summary.
Glasses are in. Betty’s being a pain. Maybe.

The Details.
Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. There’s been nothing much to write about. Last Tuesday I got my third dose of the Kill Betty Juice, so there’s only one more to go! (For Phase 1 of the study, that is. Whether I move to Phase 2 depends on how well Phase 1 works.)

Is it working? I really don’t know. Signs had been pointing to yes, but some pain has started returning this last week–around the ear, in the ear, up my skull, and down into my jaw. Those nerves are all connected, which makes pinpointing the source difficult. It’s hard to say whether it’s Betty’s signature pain, as well, because I think some of the pain that I had once assumed was Betty pain, was actually being caused by something else (that lump below my ear, which was probably either a cyst or an infection). My current pain is similar to that pain and to some Betty-style pain, mostly at the spot where my glasses rest on my ear. It’s very mild, for the moment at least.

My eyes are still wonky too. I can’t focus my left eye while wearing contacts anymore, and wearing contacts also exacerbates the redness. So for now, it’s glasses everyday for me. Neither the ophthalmologists I saw, nor my cancer doc, are too concerned as everything else about my eyes appears fine.

The holding pattern continues. Any other side effects have been mild. I’m going to mention the pain to my local doc this week, but I’m guessing nothing is going to come of it until I get new scans at the end of August.


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