The Situation, 7/1/15

The Summary.
The eyes have it. Another reason to be hopeful. And it was another looooong day in Boston.

The Details.
I got my second dose of the Kill Betty Juice yesterday in another epically long trip to Boston. We left the house at 7:30 a.m., got home around 10:30 p.m. I’m a little tired.

Marvelous Ginormous Hospital that shall not be named has a terrible pharmacy system that can’t seem to handle requests in a timely fashion. I arrived for my infusion at 1. I didn’t get my drugs until 3:30, and that was after the nurse was on the phone with the pharmacy demanding to know where the drugs were. If you’ll recall, the drugs take 3 hours to administer, plus time to flush the line when the last one finishes. So I was stuck there for almost 6 hours.

On the plus side, I had time to read an entire novel. On the downside, I was stuck in a windowless infusion room so long I had time to read an entire novel.

Prior to the infusion, I also had several appointments.

Oncologist’s office wants me to see an ophthalmologist (a word I could not spell to save my life, thank you spellcheck) about my permanently bloodshot eyes.

I also got some hopeful news from the surgeon who was checking up on my leaking issue (which, if you recall, went away on its own). He said the lump above my ear is completely gone. He believed this lump was tumor based on feel and my latest CT scans, so if he’s right, that’s a good sign that the drugs are working. Add it to my face returning to normal and my pain disappearing, and… fingers crossed.

Just not too tightly because that’s asking for trouble.


    1. To EVERYONE involved in this mind-blowing series of SHORELINE programmes, my sincere congratulations on a job superbly well done!Wonderful, SABC2 management for having the good foresight to make such viewing pleasure possible! In this age of mediocrity and itodwll-have-to-i-, following such a thrilling series week after week was an artistic treat. I have run out of compliments – allow me to predict a SABC TV BESTSELLER!

    2. One last time. I mentioned an unusual mild anecdote involving a PG-13 film she was in.. You chose to dredge up more than that. I did not. Discretion? You have to be joking. Who’s the one that made this into an enormous deal and an alleged source of shame? Not I. Snd that is the end of that.

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    4. OMG NO that does make sense! It makes me think of that description of gods being the way people made sense of the shadows (something like that???), and how humanity created gods for death and fearsome things, not just things we would love. The steps of cancer treatment would almost seem like its own ritual, wouldn't it? All these things we do, all the devotion we put into it, to screen for and treat and alleviate the suffering of cancer…

    5. Hi. I do need a family plan but maternity is not needed. After four kids…we are done!!! Just left a message on your voicemail about the UnitedHealthOne policy. It seems like that’s the best for us. Please advise.

    6. It’s quite inexplicable isn’t it. If they have any sense I have the feelnig that they will have reset it by the weekend. At least set this as the default and give users the option of re-enabling the old style replies via their settings. Maybe a bit of Bernie Ecclestone style smoke and mirrors stuff is going on do something that causes a rumpus and creates lots of press and then suddenly change your mind and start saying the exact opposite a week later

    7. bon, BRAVO…sans y croire j’ai cliqué comme un benet (si jamais l’info était véridique, il y a peu de chances que le en fasse état…)Et voilà, dans le panneau je suis tombé!le plaisir du poisson décuplé par la possibilité de répondre, 20/20 donc!

    8. C’est pénible à la longue ces gens qui excusent par leur « bonne conscience » leur manque d’esprit critique. Sous prétexte qu’on est « gentil » on a leur droit de commettre des erreurs lourdes ? de se faire manipuler ? c’est facile…

    9. Sign: So glad to hear this. It’s about time. I’m also happy to hear that the Clement L. Hirsch is being renamed for John Henry and the Cal Cup Classic renamed to Lava Man Cal Cup. All are deserving of these changes.

    10. Follow the money, follow the government edicts. At the other end of the scale some years ago the schools here were accused of labeling way too many children as being special needs students and strong-arming them into classes designated as such. It seems the schools received more money from the government; more special needs students, more money. It all sounds familiar.

    11. Can anyone explain the first sentence in this statement from Dr. Patrick? “I believe in the necessity of the virgin birth, but not the necessity of the necessity. Our Sovereign God was free to send us His Son in whatever way He chose, regardless of how it might fit in some system of man’s reasoning.”

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    13. Ne, ne, ne, so einfach gehts nun auch wieder nicht: was über den Verstand hinausgeht schließt den Verstand schließlich ein und nicht aus.(Und viel, viel später als sein Kollege T. mit den merkwürdigen Sprüchen war da Thomas von Aquin dahinter…)

    14. We never get sick except for when we go to the doctor, (or when my son touches the Thomas-the-Train set at the library,) so I think you are right about catching your cold there. Did you know that germs can live on surfaces for three days? You are doomed at the doctor’s office. I always blame the doorknob, as I sign in with my own pen and pay with exact change…Enjoyed your calculations….Hope you all feel better soon!

    15. Let us not forget the Welsh angle. Welsh nationalists controlled nearby Patagonia in the 1940s, having being driven out of wartime Britain for pacificism. Trelew was to serve as a staging post for Nazi Antarctica, and the Welsh language, being the human remnant of the speech of the Old Ones, was a lingua franca for summoning and tasking Shoggoths. And they would have got away with it too… 

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    17. I think the rage is why I keep coming back to poke fun at it. Like a coping mechanism. I spent a LOT of the New Moon Fifteen Minutes going after Bella’s selfishness, for example. I’ve got so much to deal with on this one, even after Rosenberg’s revisions, that I’m not even really sure where to start.

    18. What proof does Johnson have that Soetoro aka Obama registered for the Selective Service on Sept. 4 1980, when the alleged Sel. Serv. registration card is postmarked July 29th, '80? Soetoro aka Obama's Selective Service Registration records (if they even exist) are sealed, so how does Johnson come by the Sept. 4th, 1980 date?This smells like collusion between the White House and Breitbart.“We have a sea of new media to capture the lies” Andrew Breitbart….unfortunately, Andrew never imagined that would be party to the lies.

    19. Sorry to hear about your Computer problems.. NOT FUN AT ALL.. I have today managed to understand just a TINY little bit of the new Blogspot users.. -well do not know what to call it.. but I guess you have the New page in your blog too.. I hate it..But I doo love your New Card.. So Super Cute.. And that you have managed to use an Old Magnolia, and made it look so Good.. WOW.. I love the Background stamp.. I Want that one too.. :o) :o)Beautiful colors and Coloring.. Great Card! :o)

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    29. I felt we should increase the number of MP's. There must be a number (200, 300) at which they can never agree on anything and nothing gets done. Yes it would be expensive to run parliament, but a fraction of what it costs us every time they do something.

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    37. of my professors have ever accepted Wikipedia as a credible source, and no serious researcher, scholar or student would be found dead citing material found there.Furthermore, by your calculation Obama would be a coward for not having served in the military. Think about it.

    38. 177So 4 years ago I had 2 stress fractures in my lower spine and had to wear a back brace for 6 months. I was completely cleared by the doctor and to this point I have had zero problems. I submitted all of my medical records for review by the doctor at meps and just found out today that I am disqualified. Is there anything I can do?

    39. Did you consider Obama black, white, or split the difference?I’ve always wondered about mixed races and life expectancy.And you should factor in the risk of getting assassinated.Also, there are probably better ways of estimating the deaths taking into account more of their personal traits (I really wish I could get them all to take the ‘what’s your real age’ quiz, or something similar- not because it’s accurate in itself, but because I’m curious how the comparisons would work out).

    40. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the page layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

    41. That’s awesome to hear you guys got tickets I’m so stoked with my tickets. The buzz yesterday when tickets went on sale was great – it was like World Cup fever all over again. The U2 concert is going to be amazing!

    42. that, after adjusting for inflation, it was the 17th most damaging hurricane or tropical storm among the 242 that have hit the U.S. since 1900. That would seem to place it far to right on the distribution curve. So I disagree with your idea that it was not a catastrophe, and I'm put off by your making light of it. BTW, "Sandy" can be a man's name, so I wonder if you're being politically correct by using "she." 🙂

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    44. Brian – Sorry to hear about the Jury Duty debacle.On the up side, absolutely amazing Fett piece. I love the pose and the detail. This one would look great in color. Congradulations Samsoms!For the Samsoms if they read this – get in touch with Mike Atiyeh – Brian’s colorist – he will do a bang up job and is a great guy to deal with.

    45. Hi GavYou know what – this is still a good review. And you are being fair and honest, which is the only thing an author and publisher can ask for.I also strongly believe that sometimes, you have to be in a "mood" for a book. The first time I tried reading The Historian I wanted to claw my eyes out, I thought it was that dull. I then left it on my shelf and re-read it a few months later and was utterly smitten by it.So, kudos to you for being honest. Who knows, in a few months down the line, you may pick it up and like it!

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    47. Coronel,eu. Eu estou mentindo. Quando digo que a Dilma foi terrorista e não perdeu o ranço; quando digo que o Zé Dirceu foi terrorista e mudou para chefe de organização criminosa; quando digo que o Genuíno, o genérico, também foi terrorista e dedo duro; quando digo que esses vagabundos assumiram o poder para saquear os cofres públicos. Sim, sou um grande mentiroso.

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    49. And one more thing: after that miserable showing by Texas against Nebraska I'd say the BCCS final is likely to be an anti-climax. Alabama-Florida was the game of the season. Given the way that Alabama beeyotch-slapped Florida up and down the field, I'd say that that game was itself kinda anti-climactic.

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    54. sounds like they don’t want to do the work.If they do it right it is just as safe as factory. I’d call someone else. Get a junkyard window if you can, they are MUCH cheaper.

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    56. do you live in lower Manhatten or Jersey City or Wildwood, Seaside Heights, Belmar NJ?….pathetic vile posts in reaction to Murdoch’s charity, who I rightly welcome criticism on his media empire when it or he breaks the law or ethics.….but his donation to these hard hit states is welcome & greatly appreciated. …in the face of disasters, I for one never take privately funded charitable donations for granted, regardless of their source.

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    58. Knowing how editing works, it could have happened anywhere down the line. However, it sounds like it is the lone mention, so I wanted to note it somewhere. And give Mark a little unholy amusement over it, if I could. I mean he is in 'The Hobbit,' for Peter Jackson's sake.Someday you need to tell me your name so I can think of you, correctly spelled. :)Thank you for commenting and being part of such a welcoming group.

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    63. There’s a mundane explanation for all of this, and there’s no real left-versus-right dichotomy here… it’s simple incompetence on the part of the vendor for categorizing. I’ve posted more details at Sean’s “Banned” badge post.

    64. Whew!. Ok, now I am certain there are some things just meant for using the IPod for. I had no trouble getting here and making an account via the desktop. I have downloaded the pattern. I am not sure I have the thread that is required, but I do have some crochet cotton and also some DK. So I can still give the pattern a whirl by using larger needles. ( No not ON socks, but to give the pattern a ‘run thru’) Thank you for the invite and creating a site for us to hone our skills.

    65. on Gracias Mauro por responder. De a poco y con tu ayuda voy perdiendo el miedo a actualizar. Ya tengo el Custom Firmware creado y todo pero no me animo aun a actualizar. Otra duda: Ultrasn0w libera SIEMPRE, en todos los casos, o en algunos caso ocurrio que no liberó la red movil?? por otro lado, Me recomendas que una vez que cargue el Custom le haga el downgrade a la BB 06.15.00 o que siga con la BB de ipad?? Gracias amigo. De post como los tuyos realmente se aprende muchisimo.

    66. Hailey, I believe you did not interpret the post by Just D correctly. It was not a contest, just a way to make any who wanted the code to have to work for it a little. The code you listed was the code for the points, and should have been entered directly onto the MCR site.

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    68. dit :Idem pour moi : nous nous écrivions des petits mots dans notre carnet de notes !Déjà les grandes vacances… Comme tu le dis si bien, plus le temps passe et plus il passe vite…

    69. It's a fantasy. No one really wants to be dominated or hurt in real life but it is fun to read about it and imagine what you would do in the same situation, especially given that Christian, (and Edward) is so beautiful, dreamy, athletic, not to mention rich. Plus, he is vulnerable at heart so she can fix him. We all want to fix people.I thoroughly enjoyed all three books and am prepared to forgo beautiful writing in favor of the occasional ripping yarn. I think excessive editing and tailoring a story to suit a publisher's idea of what's fun to read sometimes spoils the fun. Just saying . . .

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    71. I don't even care if there was some rambling due to age. It was cool. It was different and it's good that it has happened.Frankly, I would have applauded if the other side could come up with something similar. Of course, one should remember that the GOP "apparatchiks" were not involved, so they can't write it up as their achievement. Grass root effect indeed.

    72. Dear Venky,The Parliament website now indicates that the select committee has announced a new meeting for the 3rd of Feb, where it will take views of "experts". Perhaps the Times of India piece did make an impact and IISC will finally be heard now.

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    154. Lars: Som det stÃ¥r pÃ¥ konkurransesiden, kan jeg vinne kr. 5000,-. De annonserte konkurransen sent i juli (tror jeg), sÃ¥ da slang jeg meg pÃ¥ :)Tusen takk for din stemme, setter pris pÃ¥ det! Og veldig hyggelig Ã¥ høre at du liker bloggen min 🙂

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    156. On the numbers … The $1.5 million outstanding loan balance is less than the $1.9 million he paid for the home because he made a down payment, and because he paid on the loan until June … The difference between the $1.5 million and $1.1 million his home is selling for is the “short” in the short sale … Best, Phillip Reese,

    157. What’s really fun is getting to hand down your most loved books to your kids. I too loved the Little House books and HARRIET THE SPY and THE BORROWERS. My three have enjoyed those, but they’ve also introduced me to some great new authors…I am in awe of Christopher Paul Curtis (of BUD, NOT BUDDY and THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM.) I’ve also become a huge fan of Barbara Parks–her Junie B. Jones books are hilarious.

    158. A ver si alguno se anima hoy en los baños del Mercadona de Ramon Llull a las 11.30 que tengo ganas de descargar una buena lefada y si es posible comer un buen rabo como el que vi hace unos dias en el tren. Soy Marc, de 23 años y fibrado. Estoy cansado de pelarmela viendo porno, quiero que un tio me la coma y yo poder comer también. Y si quereis os correis en mi torso que me pone mucho. Vamos si quereis

    159. H plaka einai oti o Bill grafei oti kai h Elen ton krazei meta apo auto na adinatisei kai autos!! ..gia na eimai eilikrinis, typosa tis foto sou na tis deikso stin Tota alla tis ksexasa sto grafeio…Meta apo oles autes tis antidraseis..TIS APOSYRW !!! …S’agapame alla NTROPH SOU !!

    160. I am thankful for my family. In order to make a living, my father worked hard out side all day. Since I was a child, my mother took care of me ceaselessly. She paid her all mental power to look after me. When I was 9 years old, my young brother was born. So my mother’s burden became heavier. Even we often let her feel angry; she still treated us very well. She held our family well and let us live with happy and carefree minds. We want to make her happy anytime. We love her so much.

    161. hey jon, wanna know the real solution? there would be NO bombs ever raining down in izrael if izrael 1) lifted the illegal siege and 2) complied with and abided fully with international law. in other words, izrael brings this on themselves…it’s called self-delegitimization, and izrael is the world champion of that!

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    165. his muscle tone was also great and he would exceed all our expectations. I am very hopeful for our little guy. So to show a tiny bit of my appreciation for you sharing your story with the world I voted for you. I cant thank you enough for giving me hope for my little boy. Thank you, Emily

    166. Well, Stuart, sure thing, it's certainly a balancing act, but as you know as anybody else, the more efficient they are with that, the harder the fall at the end of the straw…By the way, there is a lot going on regarding CO2 injecting as well. My take: they dance on the last toe of the last leg. Ok, the field are big, so it will still take some time on the way down, "surge" production is certainly a possibility, but sustained 12Mbd ? Come on ! I do not buy it.

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    2. Les Flash-Backs sont plus ou moins bien intégrés et ajoutent pas mal de confusion sur la fin mais dans l’ensemble, c’était une très bon pilot dans une rentrée US un peu morose. Je l’ai pas trop comparé à Mad Men personnellement mais plutôt à The Playboy Club qui a eu droit à un pilot un peu raté (mon avis !). Du coup, les deux séries se posaient en pendant féminin de Mad Men quand aux moeurs de 60′s mais c’est Pan Am qui s’en sort le mieux !Bel article et hâte de voir le deuxième^^

    3. I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website .

    4. "Once again, your comments and feedback have been instrumental in helping the new version evolve and grow"? really? seems to me that the only feedback to the new channels isthat people want the old ones back…and it's not just that people don't like it because it's new and we aren't just to it. i mean i tried to us it but it just doesn't work properly: it's ugly, it takes ages to load or doesn't load at all, only 3 or 4 playlists show up and you can't subsribe to playlists anymore ++ we want the YOU in youtube back!!!++

    5. AlexFun fact! The Guggenheim wasn’t simply a whimsical, creative piece of modern architecutre. It was designed to be functional. Car culture was peaking around the time of its design, and Frank Lloyd Wright designed the museum to be traversed by happy art-loving individuals from the comfort of their automobiles. The spiral structure is theoretically easy to drive through!

    6. bonjour,Je souhaiterai avoir des conseils sur le style de coiffure Par exemple, on a un carré classique comment changer de look en fonction de nos humeurs …. de belles anglaises, lisse, coté rock, un chignon banane….sans changer de coupe uniquement les méthodes de coiffages!!!!Et bien évidement tous les secrets pour avoir de beaux cheveux malgré le fer a lisser, le sèche cheveux!!!!

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    10. ! Nicola, I mean. There's good and bad telly and some telly that's better than most drama, novels, etc. WIRE, Sopranos, Mad men etc. But I am an unrepentant television addict, I'm afraid. I also waste TONS of time and try not to feel guilty about it. Commenting in comments boxes when I ought to be working? What's that about? But good fun. I recite to myself that poem that goes: "What is this life if full of care/we have no time to stand and stare?" and feel quite okay about wasting time on the whole.

    11. parliamo di corpo vero? beh il discorso sarebbe complesso, perchè la nivea come molte altre creme della grande distribuzione e anche altre più elitarie contengono petrolati e parabeni che in realtà non fanno bene alla pelle. Il mio consiglio è quello di comprare una crema base leggera (la esselunga ne fa una all’aloe e passiflora non male) a cui aggiungere qualche goccia di olio di mandorle o olio di germe di grano (che trovi anche nei supermercati ma attenta che siano puri al 100%). i risultati sono ottimi!

    12. Moi j’suis très contente pour toi ! Et t’en fais pas, j’ai aussi failli me faire lyncher quand je suis revenue dans mon lycée pour la réunion de la dernière cuvée ( juin 2007, quoi 😉 ), et que les autres filles ont vu que mes parents m’avaient offert un Lancel pour mon entrée en fac… Bon ok, c’est rien par rapport à un Balenciaga ou autre, mais tu vois, y’a pas besoin d’avoir des trucs énormes pour em***** le monde 🙂

    13. How wonderful it was to see your interview with one of my favorite stylish, creative and elegant icons, Judith Boyd from Style Crone. As a woman in my 60's I get very annoyed with comments about women in their 60's, 70's etc. not looking their ages because they look good. Come on world get with it women can and do look great at any age as long as the desire to do so is there!

    14. Pane Vrcho,mohl byste přeci jenom blíže vysvětlit důvody, proč považujete vyjádření soudce KS Michala Ryšky zde na blogu za nepřípustná? Kromě "Vašeho hlubokého přesvědčení", které Vám samozřejmě neupírám, mi to zní daleko spíše jako výhrůžka. Navíc, nejednáte proti tomuto "hlubokému přesvědčení", když se zde jako soudce Nejvyššího soudu vyjadřujete?Děkuji za odpověď,Jan Komárek

    15. « la géographie est sensée  » : oui, c’est vrai, mais là elle est « censée » décrire le monde réel… Enfin, elle est aussi censée tenir compte des représentations du monde…

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    17. Overall, I agree with this list. I would of included 88 Minutes and Rightous Kill. It’s a shame those movies had Al Pacino in them. And what’s the deal with people getting mad that movies like What Happens in Vegas, and Mama Mia! are on the list? Those are just simply put, bad movies. That’s just crazy to me.

    18. Jerry,Thank you for sharing those resources and please feel free to share them on any post! You are absolutely right that students should reflect and create goals and action plans! This is vital to their personal learning as well!

    19. and you get to see the Minnesota family that Grodin has won for all his effort and it’s bland and characterless, Eddie Arnold plays it flat/cardigan/tinsel. My parents loved the ending. Well that is part of the message of Merchant of Venice, the Tresnjak production, why would you want to be in with the goyim when you can be part of this great and mysterious tradition.Ah, the one permissable social stereotype, mocking the goyim.

    20. ps akvarium (donasjon) bor tapeter, LogMeIn, og roter D er kule programmer på denne enheten. i forhold til app markedet, bør dere prøve skyve 3,5 aka slideme aka sam markedsplass. vei bedre enn den dumme AppStore augen utstedt i bytte for google marked hvem som helst kunne få sine tabletter forankret? Jeg prøvde lett rot og noen få andre, men doesnt synes å ha fungert, selv om det sier sitt forankret ?

    21. Gefeliciteerd Myrthe. Ene wat heb je die kaart toch weer leuk inelkaar geflansd…toe maar.Ik zou er heel lang over na zitten te denken ove rhoe en wat en jij maar even zo een hartstikke leuke kaart.Die chocolade blokken zijn overigens heerlijk…Groetjes Nicole

    22. Thank you Dr. Deb for sharing this post. I had no idea that dogs were trained to do this kind of work. I knew that dogs could sense when a seizure was going to happen before it happened. The only other service dogs that I knew about were seeing eye dogs. This is another wonderful example of dogs being "man's best friend." literally. Dogs are wonderful companions and often give emotional compassion without being trained to do so.

    23. Mille excuses : Le système m’annonce d’abord que”server error” et m’envoie au diable. Lorsque je vérifie , au 2è envoi, je trouve les 2 coms. Fantaisie de Miss WP ? Faut désemconcomombrer, je crois.Correcteurs, s.v.p., mon com de 21:11 ci-dessus : à obombrer !La_Mer

    24. Ontem foi um dia para esquecer, o Benfica foi eliminado da Champions por uma equipa com pouca rodagem inexperiente, falhou bastantes oportunidades. Tive que ouvir o JJ a vanglorizar-se como sempre (que ridiculo!) E depois fui o Sporting do Fifa13 enfim há dias maus!

    25. Nepochopení doby Hrabalem? Tak to byl snad nejvtipnější výrok, co jsem za poslední rok četl. Jen málokdo pochopil a dokázal popsat nejrůznější části doby, ve které sám žil, jako pan Hrabal. Ale co bychom jiného mohli čekat od samolibých politiků.

    26. 베스트베이비 한기자예요~ 오늘에야 아고라에서 서명을 했네요.자신이 봤던 그림책이 TV아이돌 그룹으로 나올 때 아이들은 무슨 생각을 할런지.속이 상하고 마음이 아픕니다.작가님! 힘내세요~ 응원하겠습니다.

    27. sí, justamente eso me dijo el psicólogo que es entre los 5 y los 7 que hay estos berrinches de frustración, los del 1 2 3 magic funciona a veces, pero no, los dos míos tienen los berriches clavados en las venas, yo utilizo las mismas estrategias pero lo peor es que el uno copia al otro, pero bueno, van mejorando, con la gracia de Dios saldremos pronto de este horror jajaj

    28. Boa tarde Doutor, como vai? Espero que esteja bem.Um gde ano de 2011 pra vc.E nosso coringão hem! Sera queviramreforços? e se vierem serão do nivel de William, Marcinho, e Manoel ou virão surpresas por ai? E o estadio, como esta quieto, não? Pensando bem se tratando de Corinthians é um sinal de q tudo esta bem. Abraços

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    31. Synes virkelig ogsÃ¥ det er nogle spændende billeder du har fÃ¥et taget! Men er enig med Therese i at nr. 1 og 5 er favoritter! Især hvis billede et oven i købet er fra et sted i har et specielt tilhørsforhold til. Eller hvis i bare elsker havet/stranden og den stemning der er der. Synes det fanger en vidunderlig stemning! Billede nr. 5 er sÃ¥ fint af Frederikke! 😀

    32. Everytime Viacom take it down it’ll be re-posted 100 times.What a tool. Fine, we all know he was a tool anyway, but don’t be a tool like that AFTER someone deserving (I assume) gets an award, interrupting their moment and also after himself releasing a god awful album where he has no right to speak about goodness.Beyonce’s reaction is quite hilarious but she comes across as a tool most of the time too.Though it was so unreal I have to wonder if it was just a ploy by MTV/Viacom to get some ratings for the 100,000 replays it’ll get over the next week or two.

    33. Kalau berdasarkan sedutan dari Youtube,menggambarkan bahawa tidak masuk akal,bahawa orang yang hendak melakukan maksiat boleh membenarkan dirinya dirakamkan.Apa tah lagi DSAI yang kini kesnya sedang dibicarakan.Nampak sangat cuba hendak memperbodohkan rakyat Malaysia.Banyak persoalan yang ditimbulkan,mengapa rakaman itu ada tulisan Thailand,dan apakah rakaman itu berlaku di Thailand.Nampak sangat ianya cuba memerangkap tetapi tak tepat.

    34. P.s. Inoltre il discorso driver per Windows è un tantino estraniante: quanti CD/DVD di driver si devono avere oltre a quello per l´installazione di Windows? Quanti sono i programmini non Microsoft (del distributore dell´hardware o di terze parti) attivi nel sistema che gestiscono scheda madre, codec ecc?

    35.  Entiendo "Saigon" como una muy mala traduccion de "So i gone" que luego si esta traducido correctamente como "Asi salgo", Sobra el Saigon, excelente traduccion sin embargo, exceptuando el detalle, buen post, larga vida a the killers.[]alex Reply:abril 15th, 2011 at 4:29 PMMe encanta el trabajo de esta pagina, che saigon es un nombre propio una ciudad del oriente mira todo el contexto[]

    36. Joder!!!Impresionante, Jose Mari, cómo tejes con las palabras tu poesía.Alucinando estoy todavía de lo bonito que es esto… Elegir el camino correcto es la decisión más dificil del mundo; lo mejor, sentarse al borde del camino, meditarlo bien, y adelante. Y si te equivocas… nada de volver atrás, a elegir un camino nuevo y a crecer con lo vivido.

    37. Hi Sonia! I think Japanese soy sauce won't make these chicken and bamboo shoot this nice brown even we add more soy sauce. I have boiled bamboo shoot in my fridge that I haven't figure it out how to cook yet. Your recipe looks really delicious!!

    38. I think many vendors do already have templates for handling results management, I know that we do. I agree that it is critically important and labor intensive to diligently manage abnormal results if you have a typical patient mix that we as Internists see. I doubt that you will see a separate reimbursement for this activity but rather would predict that this would be part of the work expected of a PCMH and that would help justify a higher global level of reimbursement for practices which make sure they are carefully considering how to manage abnormal results.

    39. You are wrong about there not being enough time to build Trudeau. He will get built by the media to the point where the majority vote which always votes against Harper will once more be split. Also, Harper will step down and give the leader role to someone less unpopular and maybe they will even find someone with a wow factor of their own.Even if Trudeau won, he is part and parcel of the Liberal party which continued the hated Mulroney policies and trade deals. End result: Different leader, same policies – politics as usual.

    40. May26 Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

    41. You had very descriptive imagery here, and you totally had me cringing during the process of the ride, and it reminded me I only love wooden roller coasters when I’m not on them and having them attempt to snap my back in half. I felt both sympathy and annoyance, if that makes sense. I would have been so scandalized if my parents had dissed La Vibora, but at the same time I found myself agreeing that it isn’t really a real roller coaster and thus “wussy”. This was fun piece to read though, good job!

    42. is california becoming like france? the illegal aliens riot, and the politicians protect them and fire the police.france is lost. we’re looking at a real “Children of Men” situation there in a few decades, with the police struggling to handle all the arabs and blacks, with more coming every day.

    43. Je parle anglais (forcément, c’est mon métier), un peu allemand mais ça date, et j’ai quelques rudiments de cantonais par mon mari et ma belle-famille. J’adorerais apprendre l’espagnol! Bises, bon week end!

    44. Teljesen egyetértek Majával!!! Láttam, hogy reggel Ő is végigjárta a "vonatot" és a bontogatás-gyönyörködés után jött kommentelni! Így tettem én is! … és annyira boldog érzés volt látni az, hogy ez most a Te csodás készleted, nem másét használod!! Egy komplett, csodás NAGY készletet alkottál Erzsi!!!! Minden egyes papírt, elemet külön is kiemelhetnék! Az meg külön aranyos, hogy végtére is két alpha-t készítettél még a tetejébe:-))Az oldalad is nagyon inspiráló! SzívbÅ‘l gratulálok!

    45. the “investigation” was targetted at them and away from the big fish. If you look at who chose not to run again – Collins, Reid and Clark – and the activities that were screened out – Kinsella’s dual role, Reichart’s “fundraising” – then it looks to me like it was tailored. This last decade reminds me of a modern day update of Pillars of Profit, Martin Robin’s political economic history of post war BC.

    46. Judaism prohibits the destruction of fruit-bearing trees and Judaism prohibits the malicious or unjustified killing of animals; as if the rapacious settlers cared. These people that are uprooting olive trees and killing animals are scum.

    47. I disagree completely with putting a weak girl at second base. On my team (5 straight coed titles), we put a guy at second to flip double plays with ease. That is crucial and something no other team does. It helps that I have a female pitch and a female at first base who can catch (and do a split). A good glove at second opens up so many things for you defensively. And there is nothing more air deflating than turning double plays. We average one per game.

    48. Retail is tough everywhere. And the mall bookstore is obsolete, just as the mall toy store is obsolete, and for the same reasons. A B. Dalton sells a wider selection of books than a Wal-Mart or Target- but not a much wider selection, and not at better prices, or convenience in location and store hours. Hell the big box stores gave the knife pretty good to Toys 'R' Us, to say nothing of Kay Bee. Laredo is only the extreme example of this- it's happening in plenty of places that aren't poor, grim and Spanish-speaking.

    49. Well, if we generate enough publicity about it, we might make a difference… How about social media campaigns? Shaming Gilead (B-M actually wants to proceed in this direction) using Tweeter, FB? It's worth a try.

    50. Few seem prepared to discuss the role of race, if any, in the London riots. But can this factor be excluded? Six percent of Scotland's population is foreign born compared with 38% in London. Moreover, according to the images provided by the press, many and probably most of the rioters in London were of immigrant stock. This is not to deny that the London riots may have been provoked. But it is to suggest that the racial composition and social structure of some London communities may have made them particularly prone to violence under provocation — a condition that may not exist widely in Scotland.

    51. Biglostfan,Your theory “you can change the future but you can change how the future happens” is very interesting, but if you change the purge date to 1977, 15 years before, in fact you change the life of all Dharma Initiative members. (a lot of) I wanted that they were in this moment too, but I now think 1977 will be probably the incident year.Nonetheless I understand your thoughts, I don’t know what the losties do in 1977 if they can change nothing at all. It have no sense for me.

    52. was reported on Greta tonight that Trump might not be out of the race yet. He might suprise us yet but Corsi seems to have made his mind up about him and not in a good light. Over at Free Republic yesterday, I witnessed the owner Jim Robinson in a exchange with several posters (very rare) warning them that anything linked with Corsi might not be welcome there anymore if he continues to speak with Alex Jones. Robinson was livid with Corsi.

    53. Aloha,I hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime. I’m a dinosaur. I like being a dinosaur. I only surf on boards over nine feet in length, with paraffin on their decks and no %#$%#& leashes. I like never talking on the telephone unless I am at home or in some pay booth of my choosing. I listen to music in my car…not voices. (unless, of course, it is a rough day and I’m talking to myself).I like grabbing a book and taking it on a plane or a train, or taking it to a park or the beach, and never worrying about it needing batteries.They have not yet made the gadget that I will read books on…

    54. "What if he sells us all out"?? At least in his case there i a question there and we have a chance he will NOT! ANY Republican that gets nominated is your ENAMY!! THEY already have sold us all out!! So I don't see any point to fear Obama! Stop listening to the Republican spin and start supporting the only hope we have!!

    55. Jamie! Nicole and I were just talking last night about how lucky we were to find you for our weddings. You gave me everything I didn’t know I wanted out of our wedding photographs. Thank you for making our day so special! Em

    56. Right after study a handful with the websites on your personal internet website now, and that i actually like your technique for blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark internet site list and you are going to be checking back soon. Pls have a look at my internet page too and told me what you feel.

    57. Stickad klänning är så härligt när man få ta på sig, såhär på murriga hösten. Din klänning är så söt:) Och dina stövlar väcker sannerligen villhabegär:) Men för min del får gärna vardagsklacken vara mindre:(Synd, för snyggt med klack är det) Ha en fin dag och hyr maaaasssor med film till din sjuka storskatt:) Kram Sophia

    58. A tous ceux qui aiment le nouveau film de James Cameron,il faut informer qu’un film Indien du mêmenom « Avatar » a été tourné en 1985.C’était un film de la langue Hindi avec beaucoup de chants et danses que les français n’ont pas apprécie. Or, les goûts des français ont changé. Ils aiment actuellement le Bollywood.