Hey there, update

Sorry it took me a while to post this. Life, ya know?

Some news since my last post. The pain has totally subsided, as has the twitching and tingles. My ear, inside, still feels odd, but it’s either getting better or I’m getting used to it because I don’t notice as much anymore.

Anyway, I met with my surgeon to discuss the weirdness, and he agreed with my oncologist that all seems normal. He’s not concerned yet, although he agrees we should keep an eye on things. He thinks it was actually strange (“rare”) that my face/head went back to normal in the first place, so on one hand, we shouldn’t be surprised that I’m experiencing these symptoms. The other, of course, is that it’s weird that the symptoms are only showing up now.

Basically, I’m doing these oddly as usual. So that’s all for the time being, hopefully.