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Not Dead Yet!

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Not much has been going on, and I almost forgot how to log into this blog.

Anyway… I had my most recent scans before Christmas, and I got the news yesterday that they came back clear. So yay! It’s been over one year now. Oncologist wished me a boring new year. I think I deserve one. Meantime, I celebrate with my third annual Fuck Betty tattoo next week.

May we ALL have a boring new year (health-wise). And happy 2017!

I’ve Erupted

Actually, I erupted some time ago, but I’m finally getting around to posting about it.

my footBased on my dermatologist’s best guess, which is based on biopsy results, I’m covered in fixed drug eruptions. Thankfully, in my case, they’re so far mostly confined to skin that has very little hair, so my feet, underarms, thighs, and the backs of my knees have it the worst. I even have one between my fingers. Also thankfully, it’s winter. I look like I’m covered in chicken pox.

On the plus side, if they’re still around in short-sleeve weather, I suppose they’ll be helpful at keeping people away in public spaces. I’ll just pretend to scratch a lot, and hope people assume whatever I have is contagious…

I’m told that when they go away (whenever I stop taking the drug that’s causing them, which could be anything) that I’ll be left with patchy, discolored skin. Awesome! I suppose that’s hundreds of new excuses to cover them up with pretty tattoos.

Speaking of which, it’s about time for my annual fuck skin cancer, skin reclaiming tattoo, and these annoying spots are interfering with my original plan.