Welcome To My Depressing Blog

For all the health updates you probably don’t really want to know. Also, a place for me to share words and over-share medical stuff.

Want more reasons? Check out the pages above. And here, have a cute photo. Notice I had an intact left ear, which means this photo is old.
Me and the husband


  1. Tracey – What a great blog. Betty is a bully and needs to be reigned in. I love the picture of you with your husband. It is delightful – you look SOOO happy. Focus on you and him and fuck Betty.

    1. Andrew! My name is Paula Ivie and I have the pleasure of working for Dan Enniss. He shared with us what a great time he had while fishing with you and Ross during his recent trip to NZ. He also mentioned landing a rather “large fish”on the trip. Based on this picture, “seeing is be;&ivinge#8221l.

    1. Det sägs att man får sorgen i så stora bitar man orkar bära men varför måste några få stora och andra små bi&rat#8230;.

    1. Sam – One of these days I should probably give Harry Potter another try.Nicole – The movie is basically required viewing in Kansas.Doret – Now that you mention it, Millicent and Ignatius do have some siimiiaritles! Good call! I have the three books on your list that placed on my wish list.

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    5. 18fI had lung pain for a couple months, so my doctor prescribed me an inhaler to check if I had asthma. It turned out I did NOT have asthma, because the inhaler did not help at all, it was something else and it has been fixed since then, the pain does not occur anymore. Will the prescription of that inhaler DQ me, even though I do not and never had asthma?

    6. To znowu ja, tym razem pod mazurkiem – wlasnie pieke spod od ciasta 😉 W ogole wedzone sliwki poznalam dopiero przy okazji tego przepisu. Dobrze, ze kupilam z zapasem 0,5 kg, bo juz spora czesc zjadlam. Tak mnie strasznie kusi zeby do wedzonych sliwek dorzucic suszona zurawine i chyba nie bede miala w tej materii wiekszych oporow. A drugi mazurek bedzie eksperymentalno-kawowy. Kurcze, moglabym piec tak az do niedzieli.Radosnych Swiat :)a

    7. There are recently been following website for the few months roughly and possess acquired a bunch of information and adored the method that you’ve set up your internet site. We are trying to operate my personal quite private blog site however. I do believe the also standard and i also have to give attention to a lot of scaled-down subjects. Staying as much as possible to everyone people is just not all that their cracked approximately become.

    8. I think this is something that is easy and even appealing to speculate about, and that is why there are so many ahadith.But if the Qur'an itself uses gender neutral words, and swelling can also be translated as full grown, and breasts has multiple meanings like heart, it is really clear.On top of that, the hadith can still be true and not be entirely contradictory. It only mentions the female hur'ayn, so it's left out the males. I think it might be that the Prophet did say something about the males, but scholars chose not to record it.

    9. Dr.O corinthians deve ficar esperto pois o Santos ganhou fácil o paulistão.Pra mim os adversários só se preocuparam com o Neymar e o Ganso mas esqueceram o Aroca que pra mim jogou muita bola,principalmente contra o SP.Sera que o Tite fara uma marcação especial nele?

    10. That’s awesome that you’re keeping it a surprise! I could never do it- I didn’t have a preference but I just wanted to know if I should be buying blue or pink for my nursery. But I love when people wait to find out- so exciting!

    11. des Sammelbandes kenne ich noch nicht, nur einige der Themen. Es geht u.a. um die Ästhetik und Serialität in Fernsehserien (Tatort) und natürlich auch in der Literatur – alle von anderen Autoren.

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    13. bogdan filip Posted on interesant articolul desi un pic cam pe principiul SA MOARA SI CAPRA VECINULUI….oricum in romanica ar mai trebui si o lege de genul LEGEA RICO DIN STATELE UNITE. Intrebarea este cati dintre parlamentarii actuali o vor vota(indiferent de partid cred ca niciunul).

    14. limits- and we shouldn’t overvalue what technology can do for us. If you’re only using social media as a push marketing method, you are putting yourself at the mercy of technology. If your “other controlled”

    15. I believe (but not 100$ sure) it is due to how these processes are being run by the software by first loading the data into memory. The larger the data set, the longer it will take to load/unload, hence, long cancellation processes. Often times, if I am frustrated, I will CTRL+ALT+DELETE and end the ArcGIS process…

    16. OMG I love the Easter Bunny link. Too much!I gave up added sugars for Lent, which was super hard the first few days but now is much more manageable. I “cheated” on Sunday for our engagment party and went right back to eating so much dessert that I felt sick!I really need to learn to indulge in small portions to satisfy my sweet tooth but not over-do it. It’s a tough balance!

    17. La segunda ley de la termodinámica solo dice que efectivamente se le acabará la batería pero no veo razón por la cual no pueda usar el calor propio para cargarse (al fin y al cabo es calor), así que efectivamente aumentará el rendimiento de la bateríaMe parece un muy buen concepto, espero que no sea tan caro producirlo en masa y en unos años podamos ver la mayoría de los telefonos de distintas marcas con ésta tecnología.Una buena ayuda para el ambiente, menos gasto de energía eléctrica

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    19. yes, if they were to be stored at room temperature, you would want everything sterile and follow proper canning procedure. and yes, the high acidity and refrigeration would make it difficult for botulism bacteria to grow.and i don’t know about the wax coating. try not to buy those, though i doubt it’s harmful

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    22. Your smoothies look wonderful, and my husband and I would both love them!! And it’s so healthy too! Your thoughts which were provoked by that man certainly are things worth taking the time to think about.What does a dream look like from the other side? Very interesting questions you ask! It’s good to think about these things!

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    24. Hey Ron–I actually agree with you about iJigg’s ease of use–sort of. I tried it for a while right after TechCrunch covered it. For whatever reason, it didn’t stick. I think I felt like I had to be too much of a music discovery hunter, when so many discovery paradigms are sort of tricking me into thinking I can be a discovery farmer. I’ll go back and fiddle with it some more.Actually, maybe the onus is on me to think about the service more in terms of music sharing than in terms of strict discovery. But putting the onus on me–that gets dangerously close to the lack of user-centricity Nancy notes above.

    25. ¡¡Sí y era hora!!Vamos a por la tercera Mani, en este caso contra los recortes en la Uni, se están despertando y de qué manera.. El futuro es de ellos, ellos tienen que capitenearlo y nosotros , los de siempre, seguir… seguir y seguir, otro Mundo, otro País es posible..Muchísimos besos, Rafa, y gracías, tuve ecos de la Mani de ayer 😉

    26. I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on!…

    27. Pablito parece un guardavida que ya no se levanta de la silla, come su sandwich de mila completo y deja ir al principiante a rescatar a la minita que se ahoga….Ah, detalle… las zapatillas en compose con la remera, bien ahí.Demasiada testosterona y olor a vestuario, falta el toque”pink”.Se los quiere, en mardel se los escucha mucho, no cambien nunca.Besos

    28. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad’s mother, but I’m glad that you and Darin had a great Valentine’s.And I have to say that I agree with you on The Heartbreak Kid. The whole thing with him and Eva Longoria kind of messed up the whole love story.

    29. Si Rafa, no podemos callarnos, ya lo hice en su día desde el Blog de Yass y colgué este logo en la jaima, cúantos más seamos en aportar nuestro granito de arena, mejor, muchísimas gracias por recordarlo un día como hoy.Un beso solidario y cariñoso, Rafa.

    30. Я только в начале пути, обучаюсь в школе Start Up. И хочу сказать, что я довольна! Я обязательно после прохождения этого курса, буду снова и снова проходить тренинги Михаила! Спасибо за Вашу идею, которая дает нам результат!

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    32. Jews are too broad a category to assume that all of them are elite. Recent Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brighton Beach and poor ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn are hardly elite. Most secular Jews aren't really elite either. They are middle class, perhaps upper middle class if we are generous. It is true that a disproportionate number of people in certain elite groups (e.g. media, academia, finance) are Jewish, but most American Jews either don't work in those sectors or don't have high enough positions to be movers and shakers.

    33. The posts about abortion didn’t make me cry, but I do think it’s a very self-selective group–those who follow NPR. I know a few women who have had abortions and deeply regret it and grieve. Over time, I think people tend to smooth over those tough times and rationalize them and believe they are part of the course of events who make them what they are today.

    34. I'm going to have to disagree with most of you…your taking it so seriously…the feature only shows when your cursor goes over the video and when you take it off or just not move your mouse after a second or two it goes away…it also looks sleek and modern…i also agree with postalgbv that it would be better if the screen didn't react when having the cursor over the play/pause buttons and timeline bar

    35. A mistake that is often made for this song in French as well as in English. If you listen close to the lyrics, it’s not “journey, journey” but an affirmation “travel, travel” (the verb) meaning “you have to travel around the world”. There is a confusion in French too sometimes the song is written “Voyages, voyages” (plural). It’s a mistake.

    36. I agree with you about the Prosperity Gospel people, but I think it’s important to make distinctions between people like Joel Osteen and, say, the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The people who built the great houses of worship knew that they weren’t building something they themselves would be around to enjoy; they were a trust for future generations of worshipers, whereas Creflo Dollar is pretty much just in it for Creflo Dollar.

    37. the truth consists of “true staements about reproducible empirical relations.” He should read : “When I consider a universe which the scientist constructs by a set of rules which stipulate that this construct must be repeatable and identical, then I am a pessimist and bow down before the great god Entropy. I am optimistic when I consider the spiritual dimension which the scientist’s discipline forces him to ignore.”

    38. I think first anonymous may be misunderstanding. The EPO was set up by an international agreement called the European Patent Convention (EPC), which is almost entirely separate from the European Union. The EPO is, as far as I'm aware, not subject to the jurisdiction of any of the EU institutions, nor of any national parliament or government.

    39. We live in an age where many many people around the world can do some pretty nasty things if they're backed into a corner. It is my believe, the only thing that will put the brakes on the selfish and arrogant Israeli-lobby is another major disaster here. Then we will enter a period where a number of scenarios are possible. Bottom line is, many Americans are learning who dragged us into the mess in the Middle East, how is covered-up in the mass media and how for example, our bill of rights and our freedoms are under attack as a direct result of it.

    40. CinématographeUne famille de province dans un fiacre : il est bien étonnant que les deux bonnes soient dans la capote, on les met ensuite sur le siège, puis sur les marchepieds, où elles s’endorment. Pendant ce temps, deux cambrioleurs sont montés dans la capote et se livrent à des excentricités. Ils mettent à tout ce monde qui dort des oreilles en carton et, le lendemain matin, monsieur, madame et les bonnes ne se reconnaîtront plus.Max Jacob, Le Cornet à dés, 1916.

    41. #133 AnonYou point in #98 was that GWB was hammered by the fiscal conservatives, my point is that a lot of them were standing right there beside him. The hypocrisy from Boehnar, Cantor et al is astounding. Check your own comprehension.

    42. , this weird post came out of finally giving in to accepting the idea of niches. There IS a power to being connected to others online, being in a group, both spiritually and practically. And sometimes I miss it. It doesn’t matter if no one really joins me in some imagined literary movement. It is the idea that I am creating my own niche, not letting it control me.

    43. What a touching tribute to your friend. I am so glad I stopped by today.(as I wipe tears from my cheeks) So sorry for your loss, but our loss is Heaven's gain!Thank you for sharing your heart, because you sure did bless mine!until next time…nel

    44. שלום רציתי לדעת למה בבית ספר דתי אין תגמול(כספי) עבור תורנות תפילה שזה ייוצא חצי שעה ביום, ועוד יש תורניות חצר.

    45. Mojito: legkozelebb probald ki hogy 3:1 aranyban keversz hozza asvanyvizet es oszilevet. Ha surubben szereted akkor meg jobb.Ha nem barack, akkor malnapure! Igaz ehhez sok malna kell, es inkabb javasolt csak egy-egy poharral elkesziteni, egy magas poharhoz kell egy jo nagy marek malna, es azt tordeld ossze mentalevellel. Engedd fel egy kis asvanyvizzel vagy almalevel es voila!Termeszetesen sima almalevel felengedve is nagyon jo! 😉

    46. I like the way your are thinking. It was a little hard when I first started churning to give up my 1% cashback (3% gas) rebate on my Chase Freedom card. But I quickly saw the light that you describe here. Now every month or two it seems I am handing my wife a new credit card and saying “Here, use this one for now”. I’ve learned to focus on the Amex cards first because they are harder to spend on.

    47. Drogi Miki, możesz napisać jaśniej na czym mnie przyłapałeś? Nie rozumiem? Chodzi Ci o zapłacenie podatku? Żyjesz w pętli czasowej biedaku? Za pieniądze otrzymane w tym roku podatek odprowadzam w przyszłym. Ty robisz inaczej? To źle, kochany, bardzo źle! Ktoś cię oszukał okropnie. Tak mi przykro. Teraz zaś muszę cię zablokować, abyśmy mogli w spokoju się tutaj z ciebie ponatrząsać.

    48. resposta tipica da parte do Sr.José Carlos Gomes e demais companhia…sem nenhuma humildade e educação, e cheios de presunção “EU POSSO QUERO E MANDO, E TUDO O QUE EU DIGO OU MELHOR OPINO É O CERTO!!!! santa paciência…também não era de esperar outra coisa.

    49. Fy vad trist att du blev sjuk, dÃ¥ tappar man orken totalt. Kommer nya dagar med mer energi.Till utällningen kommer jag att ha bilder frÃ¥n vandringen jag gjorde i höstas Porto – Santiagi de Compostela.Krya pÃ¥ dej.Här är halvstökigt, full med ramar pÃ¥ golvet osv. Blir nog bra med det ocksÃ¥.

    50. Ne zaman Twitter kendisi açıklar bu tür istatistikleri o zaman inanmak gerekir.Önemsemeyin böyle tarz şeyleri.Önemli birşey var mesela analizinizde hoşuma gitti.Bu siteye göre Twitterın kendi hesabına bile %40 sahte takipçisi var diyor.Yok daha neler.Adamlar istese herkese takip ettirir zaten kendisini.Gidip takipçimi alcaklar.

    51. / Noi trebuie sa ne facem partea noastra, si de restul se ingrijeste Tatal nostru.stii, cineva spunea ca Voia lui Dumnezeu se implineste in viata noastra…cu ajutorul nostru:)suntem parteneri cu El sa ne construim propriul”drum”…foarte adevarat…nu se va intampla nimic daca nu faci nimic.:d El ne da PLANUL!Noi trebuie sa”dam piatra la o parte”:)Multumesc Flaviu ca ne aduci aminte sa fim impreuna lucratori cu Domnul nostru!:)Bless you!

    52. Hadde helt gått glipp av denne omtalen. Glad du likte den!Svært glad for at jeg leste den før deg, for dette på Grønnland opplegget gikk meg hus forbi, hadde jeg vært klar over det på forhånd hadde jeg fremdeles hadde elveblest.Håper du koser det i Italy(egentlig er jeg er på jakt etter Tillerfobi innlegget ditt)

    53. YES…Someone doesn’t think I’m weird for once. Everybody I know thinks I am a weirdo. It’s quite Ironic because “I” am the level headed person. Everybody else has a creepy mind. Especially my friend Katy. Yeah well I’m kind of considered the “Responsible” one.

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    55. Où avez-vous vu que Dotsie parlait de ses « convictions religieuses » et qu’elle utilisait LSP comme une « tribune » ?On peut quand même avoir lu la Bible et y faire référence sans être aussitôt soupçonné de prosélytisme, non ?Quant à : « en faire souffrir les autres » !…

    56. I think graphic design means that it is drawing cool designs on a computer and putting your design on a t-shirt or any other material. I think it is important because without graphics people would not be able to express themselves. Also when making toys or graphic t-shirts they wouldn’t have any character. Allyn Murray :]

    57. Haha, maybe in the future, after we see what we’re dealing with here.We’re doing Tahiti now because the timing’s just right, both in our personal lives and in the travel industry. The economy has forced dramatic slashing on the costs of high-end vacations, so we’re taking advantage. Europe’s even less expensive than this trip!

    58. I concur with Rob there is no too long when it comes to history and insight that you can bring to the table Jim. Please jump in at any time with stories, corrections or as I for one greatly appreciate it. At this point I’d like to personally thank you for your work on the Gilley and the proceeds that it generated that were given to the B.C. Federations of Flyfishers. Hope we can pry some stories of fishing with Art, Alf and Jack out of you in the future.[]

    59. Yum! I love the combo of sweet and salty together. One balances the other so perfectly! I really have to try this "food served in a jar" thing. I looks so pretty and is so easy. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    60. OK. Leio seu comentário , 24 horas após o jogo. E disse no programa, que o gol do Botafogo foi mal anulado. Não me lembro de em qualquer momento neste blog eu ter desmerecido o Palmeiras. leia tudo que pode e vai concordar comigo.

    61. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

    62. Tu pourrais reformuler tes phrases je n’ai rien compris ou presque.@Cédric merci pour le tuto, je travaillais justement dessus. Promis demain je poste mon tuto sur « Comment mettre son blog sur son PC ». J’ai le trac Répondre

    63. Hei:)Hvis jeg ble den heldige vinner, så måtte jeg nok ha handlet hjem et par puter til, selv om mannen i huset ikke kan forstå at det er plass til en eneste pute til i sofaen vår:pHorse-putene til Nord står uten tvil først på ønskelistenHilsen Christin L(langvikc(at)gmail.com)

    64. "…so the specifics of how our weather will change are probably not very clear yet."Though I'm sure climate scientists will do their best, I wouldn't put too much faith in any "specifics" about how the weather will be effected.Let's not forget that what we have seen in the arctic this year is a lesson in failed predictions.We do live in interesting times and part of what makes them so interesting is that we really have no idea what might happen next – we should all be expecting the unexpected.

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    66. maman de guillaume : Théoriquement on serait apatride sauf que c’est impossible depuis la loi n°98-170 du 16 mars 1998 relative à la nationalité, dite loi Guigou.Une des mesures de cette loi était d’empêcher la déchéance de nationalité si elle rendait la personne apatride.

    67. Salamje n’y suis pas favorable car il faut vous ménager un peu.les différentes rubriques déjà apportent de nombreuses réponses. Il faudrait peut etre y intégrer un peu plus cet aspect psychosinon je trouve les remarques de Aicha intéressantesUne partie sur la « fiqh’ologie » pourrait être utile également.

    68. Sascha how lovely that you have been given a cat tree thatm atches your pretty furry outfit – we hope you always get the best place to watch for treats.Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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    70. Eh. I went to a cruddy rural high school, spent my time in the woods fishing or shooting guns or making 8mm war movies with my buddies instead of studying, and got good enough SAT scores without prep to get into a middling University of California school. Now I'm a screenwriter/producer and spend all day talking about fighter planes and robots and hanging out with actresses. So to all the diligent Asian grinds with your 4.5 GPAs and endless test prep and mid-level jobs at a biotech or dot com company…suckers!

    71. I haven’t checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend

    72. â–º Dudu | le 23 juin 2009 à 23:42Ah! Ineffable Dudu ! Oserai-je aller jusqu’au bout…?Je te touche, tu me lèches, je m’approche, je m’attache à tes hanches, je me penche sur ton échine, je m’enchâsse dans ta ch…, je chemine, je m’acharne, je m’épanche…Nous chavirons. »Pas mal pour un « ch » qui porte l’hostilité ou qui évoque un mouvement dangereux !

    73. I think the point is that Polish people laugh in a delighted way, not a ‘god-what-a-funny-accent’ way, when they hear foreigners speaking Polish. It also depends a lot on the person. Some Poles who mix in a more international crowd are much more used to it and the novelty has worn off for them – in the same way that Brits are used to hearing foreigners speaking English.

    74. kiki dit:je trouve qu’elles sont bien les BD de DLIRE.j’ai reçu le dernier n° de DLIRE (l’apprenti papillon)c’est mon deuxième n° de DLIRE (j’ai acheté un n°de DLIRE et mon premier n°m’a donné envie de m’abonner et donc j’ai reçu mon deuxième n° par courrier. Merci kiki, continue à nous donner ton avis, DLire est très heureux de te compter parmi les DLiriennes !

    75. Muito obrigado a Mirna por escrever esse excelente post. É sempre muito bom saber que podemos contar com os amigos.Espero que outros possam vir novamente.Caso alguém também Queira escrever algum Guest Post, basta entrar em contato.Abraços!

    76. Pbrain, WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S AHEAD IN THE POLLS WANT AN EARLY DEBATE?and WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S TRAILING WANT TO POSTPONE? The published polls are out of sync with candidate behavior. Aren’t you the least bit curious? Or are you just afraid of the answer.

    77. yea, and alot of cemetaries all over the world have been covered over – the difference here is that IT WAS 1945 and those people probably didnt think that the VAST MAJORITY of their other historical sites would be DESTROYED. So yea, when Muslims could still get into Al Aqsa Mosque, visit the dome of the rock etc – a cemetary isnt that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things…..but WHEN ITS ALL YOU HAVE LEFT…..much different storystay class hophmi, clown.

    78. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Melina & Brendan’s Wedding – 3/10/12 | The Peacock Inn .

    79. Comentario by Carol — Tengo una consulta que no consigo que nadie me de una respuesta. Las personas que estamos en el paro, ¿podemos cobrar el paro y a la vez hacer estas prácticas remuneradas, o es incompatible?

    80. I love your description of the Terror of Scarcity. I know that place well but never knew its name. You are one of my heros for allowing yourself to evolve such that you are willing to stare directly into it. If it didn’t swallow you up, there’s hope for me too. Now if only I could back up from it enough to get a running start on a miraculous giant leap to the other side….

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    92. “(especially after Israel left Gaza and did so despite meaningful internal strife)?”I’m sorry, ivri, you lost me there. If you would be so kind, who was having the “meaningful internal strife” and what did it consist of? Not sure what you are referring to. Could you enlighten me?

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    96. Welcome back, Aaron!And heh!Mum has been invaluable as a consultant and she was really brave to take the flak for me when I was still anonymous. I take it as a really big compliment you thought I was Yvonne.Support this comment 0

    97. In Germania i sindacati “compartecipano” alla proprietà e questo ormai da molti decenni. Se in Italia qualcuno avesse proposto la formula tedesca della compartecipazione non più tardi degli anni ’90 si sarebbe beccato come minimo del reazionario. Oggi, forse, se la si ‘proponesse per le industrie che stanno chiudendo la reazione dei lavoratori in via di licenziamento sarebbe diversa.

    98. Rcoutme In addition, I read that a commonly prescribed (for the military) drug for preventing malaria is implicated in causing all sorts of PTSD, hallucinations, etc. I am not sure if Bale was given this drug, but the article (wish I could find it) stated that the effects can continue for years.The Army and Air Force have ceased prescribing the drug due to the side effects. The Navy (and, as a consequence the Marines) have doubled down and are giving it out like candy.

    99. There were no international tests in the 1950s. I know you hanker to bring back segregation, but if you read some history, you will find that the 1950s was a time of intense criticism of public education.And no, we are not near the bottom on international tests today. Our high-income students have high scores. Our low-income students have low scores. Because we have a higher proportion of poor students than other nations, it drags down out scores overall.

    100. jipe 2 décembre 2008 Bonne découverte, j’adore l’écrit, mais faut être C.. pour s’aspirer les couilles, y a un texte de Léandri là dessus, sur les trucs qu’on fait même si on sait qu’une catastrophe se produira (comme se servir un café bouillant dans une tasse entre les jambes ou prendre le livre du dessous sur une étagère en hauteur) :)Hop dans mes favoris !

    101. Ma foodie de 13 ans a tout de suite détecté l’avocat, qui reste tout de même présent surtout à cause de sa texture soyeuse. J’ai trouvé que ce pudding était bon sur le coup, mais est devenu extraordinairement délicieux le lendemain, le chocolat ayant pris le dessus sur l’avocat! (même avec le cacao ordinaire que j’avais sous la main!)

    102. its a shame how ..so many people n the world is blind to everything thats really going on .. n it hurts ..as a child of god.. that there is nothing u really can do.. but get your bible n pray .. that our father above ,,will see all n kno all ..in time.. im a african american .. n i still didnt vote for obama .. for what .nothing has changed since then .. n from the looks ok it it never will … i pray for everyone n they family .. n jesus name ..amen PLZ WAKE UP AMERICA

    103. katar / sklep ogólnie na Å›rednim poziomie. wiÄ™kszość ubraÅ„ to szmatki. ale czasem można znależć coÅ› fajnego . i nie ma tylko maÅ‚ych rozmiarów tak jak niektóre sklepy typy Func’n Soul, w którum mogÄ… siÄ™ ubierać tylko szczupli

    104. il y a quelque chose de pitoyable dans cette affaire: comment un homme qui si j’en crois notre hôte, est un historien de haut vol, reconnu par la communauté scientifique, couvert de gloire, très certainement décoré des plus hautes distinctions, comment un tel homme a t’il pu en arriver à de telles extrêmités?Sans doute plus par bêtise que par méchancheté, encore que cela reste à prouver.Comme disait hara Kiri, on peut être à la fois bête et méchant. Et je rajouterai: même quand on est universitaire…

    105. When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any method you’ll be able to remove me from that service? Thanks!

    106. Taking David’s comment about these being *family* incomes (which the neo-liberals on this site conveniently ignored), I don’t believe the study takes into account how many of these incomes rose as a result of someone getting a second job, or another member of the household getting a job. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Obviously, such information has an impact on what the study actually shows about wages.

    107. ஒரே வருடத்தில் எல்லாம் முடிவுக்கு வந்து வெற்றி வந்துவிடும் என்று எதிர்பார்க்க இது என்ன எம்.ஜி.ஆர் படமா இல்லை ரஜினி படமா? நிஜத்தில் சினிமாத்தனமான புரடà¯001000à®šà®¿à®•à¯ˆ எதிர்பார்ப்பது வினவு போன்ற புரட்சியாளர்கள்தான் போலும்!

    108. I completely agree with all the points made in this article, and personally have always preferred going to a live performance over listening to a recording for all the reasons Sally brought up. The atmosphere of a live performance, where everyone around you is engaging with the same music or play that you are, creates a unique sense of community that cannot be recreated by listening to or watching a recording. While listening to music on your own can be rewarding in other ways, the communal aspect of a live performance, and experiencing the nuances and spontaneity displayed by the artists during a live performance is hard to replace.

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    110. DorkAngel-GBW / Scheduling the concerts now and allowing fans to plan and save for traveling and accommodations is a fantastic idea! Perhaps in Utah. Thanks for the Forevermore cd and all the other “goodies” you’ve left for us to enjoy during your hiatus. We’ll be right here waiting for you! #DA2014♥ ♫Nandito Ako♫

    111. I’m Eric; former club-nut in San Diego. Been gleaning cool/provocative/insightful/fuckinghellishlywrong tidbits from you for a couple years now; I ended up on jwz.org via some forgotten mailing list, found your rants comforting, noticed you had an LJ and thud, bang, done. is a recent, fun discovery. is a powernoize act I’ve enjoyed for a few years. The collab. is a fantastic CD.And I’ve been a fan of beats for years.Keep making us cringe, you’re damned good at that.

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    114. RKU:"And much more interestingly, the Hispanic vs. white imprisonment gap almost completely disappears"I know that this (lack of Hispanic criminality) is a big thing of yours, vs the commonly quoted x3.3 times white rate. Thanks for explaining it's about age distribution. OTOH, aren't 2nd-3rd generation Latino immigrants more criminal than 1st gen? Won't that keep Latino crime rates high even as the population ages?

    115. BaÅ‚am siÄ™ trochÄ™ takiego poÅ‚Ä…czenia, ale muszÄ™ przyznać, że kurczak okazaÅ‚ siÄ™ być smaczny Dlatego mogÄ™ polecić przepis… zwÅ‚aszcza, że sezon czereÅ›niowy dopiero siÄ™ rozpoczyna

    116. Of course, like many mom’s I hope to use the bathroom in peace again someday soon. And like you, I hope that my son grows up and realizes how great a mom I was. And I also hope for that doctorate before 50. I hope that I will learn to stop putting everyone before me and that I will find a job that makes me feel better about myself rather than worse. And I hope that I will some day make it through the Lord of the Rings trilogy (books not movies)

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    125. Hi DougI must say that I don’t uestrdnand why anyone in any country would object to paying taxes. Where do people think the dollars come from to repair roads, build schools and pay for the infrastructure to keep things running? I’m baffled.

    126. great site and great posts brendan , bravo . Anonymous should remember the millions of palestinians who are refugiees right now , displaced because of israel , and many hundreds have lost their homes in jerusalem because of the wall. he does not seem aware , reads one side only i guess .

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    128. Oh Vix, you know my adoration of Welsh tweed, what a delicious find the hat is. Our Alfie is having similar skin problems and has just been put on a special vets diet. I've been saying I'll set up a facebook page for months, still not got around to it, lazy bugger lol. Have a great weekend. X

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    134. Alsalam Aleykom broder ! Jag är sjukt glad över att ha (av ren slump) hittat Din blogg. Jag Tackar Allah och Dig för det Du skriver och att du (alhamdolillah) är en av Islams riktiga troende. Jag ber Allah uppfylla alla dina önskningar och att Han tar emot alla hasanat och raderar alla synder. Jag har i princip inget vettigt att skriva förutom att jag bara vill tacka dig!Mvh / Afnan Alkhafaji – 14

    135. Danke schön Aus diesem Grunde hab ich sie – nicht nur – jetzt auch so gut wie immer dabei Und ich bin mal gespannt, was noch alles so kommt; mir kommt der diesjährige Frühling jedenfalls sehr intensiv rüber – ob das nun Einbildung ist, oder nicht: keine Ahnung, aber ich genieß es einfach

    136. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who had been conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me lunch due to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this issue here on your blog.

    137. I just checked the Obituaries and my name wasn’t in there.  I’m alive and enjoying my many freedoms–what I think, what I say, and best of all what I do.  A Chicago girl chose to use her writing gift and create a blog so people can give and receive ideas freely.  That’s America.  The land of the free, and the home of the brave.  Takes a brave heart to be a free spirit.  🙂

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    139. There are at least two sources at give a hint that per se would be according to the European practice.1. The debates in 2002 when the Current law was enacted.2. Our patent office manual-current version-Section points e and f discusses in detail the 'per se' part. Plus, the previous version of the Manual refers to the Vicom case-that was decided at the EPO.

    140. “…Despite the fact that PSY’s music doesn’t exactly fall into the traditional K-Pop musical mold of catchy repetitive hooks and stunning good looks, he managed to captivate America and the entire world in a matter of weeks…”*not spam, this quote didn’t show up in my previous comments T.T*

    141. Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

    142. October 23, 2012  9:29 pm by Hello RobinaThe house is certainly unusual but I have seen something similar in the Southampton area a few months back. I did inquire with the estate selling the property back then but even they could not tell me the name of the construction, other than to say it was steel framed.I shall do a little digging and see what I can come up with.Marc 🙂

    143. grammatically, none of those examples are incorrect, but from a social standpoint the use of “he (and/)or she”, “he/she” or “s/he” can erase nonbinary folk. “he (and/)or she” can include bigender folk or intersex folk that are comfortable with using both socially accepted gendered pronouns, but lots of folks are uncomfortable with widely accepted usage of such binary pronouns because it erases their identity and existence. and further justification of the use of such pronouns just contributes to that erasure because then it means people aren’t bothering to listen. kind of sucks.

    144. Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia are pretty sleepy places themselves. So are the ethnic Mongols and North Asian ethnic groups that inhabit Russia. Interesting that the Japanese could be so different from racially similar populations, but I suppose the selection varied tremendously within the Asian continent.

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    146. 50 millions d’euros pour faire un acte majeur qui une fois fait sera fait pour longtemps? Je savais pas que l’état français était si pauvre que cela. 50 millions d’euros c’est un millième du budget annuel de la défense non?

    147. Nous vous devons le respect Monsieur Rimbaud ! allez relire sur mon blog (cliquer Kriscous) ce que peut-être une femme « dessinée, respirée, contemplée » par Rimbaud !

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    154. J’ai récemment manger une tarte d’un pâtissier comme ça, je me disais que ça devait être un boulot de dingue à faire. A en lire ta description, ça a l’air si simple. J’attends la reprise des cours pour me lancer. (oui je cuisine plus quand j’ai un train train habituel que quand je suis en vacance, ironie des choses.)

    155. ich habe die aktuelle ausgabe und find das interview sehr interessant, nur was mich stört ist, dass der reporter irgendwie versucht Stephan Wörter in den Mund zu legen. an einer Stelle fragt der reporter im bezug darauf wie positiv die onkelz für die jungendlichen waren:”glauben sie das im ernst?” meiner meinung nach will er stephan so darstellen, als würde er sich dieses thema einreden….achja^^ der spiegel hat beim Lausitzringbild angegeben, dass es 2003 gewesen wäre…

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    160. Love and fight each other. So true. I’m always amazed how different things can be on a day to day basis, sometimes hourly, with us and the kids. A dinner horror show one night followed by two litlle angels who eat everything the next. Crazy. Good luck riding this one out!

    161. Sr. Presidente, esqueceu-se de plantar árvores nestas caldeiras?! Estamos aqui para lembrar que há muito a fazer mesmo sem a presença das televisões… Vamos diminuir todos os lugares deprimentes da nossa cidade? Para isso precisamos da colaboração da CML. ACEITAM O DESAFIO?!

    162. Så flink du.er:):) den sandkake formen som du har støpet lys i var jo rå lekkert:) utrolig hva en kan gjøre;)Jeg tror at kanskje vi og får barnfri helg, håper det iallefall:):)Går ikke og kjøpe gaver med barn på slep, det fant jeg ut tidlig i desember da jeg kjøpte b.dagsgave til jenta mi;) lillebror sladrer han:)Uansett kos deg masse:)Klem

    163. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

    164. totuși, TVR făcea audiențe bune și probabil și mulți bani pe vremea Surprize-Surprize. Tocmai asta mă face să cred că principala problemă nu este eficiența angajatilor (care e o problemă de management și care se rezolvă în două moduri: fie zboară toți, fie îi pui să muncească) ci este produsul la care ei lucrează.Câtă vreme ai un produs prost pe care nu-l cumpără nimeni, poți să ai 3 angajați chinezi, care să lucreze pe 500 de lei 18 ore pe zi, că tot vei ieși pe pierdere.

    165. Awww! (re your last line, Doug)FWIW, for some reason I thought Michael was actually from Ireland? [He looks so Irish!]***It's very unusual for me to drink black tea (I'm usually sick, or occasionally fasting, when doing so). For me, it's always coffee in the morning (my "morning" often begins after noon!), and sometimes green/decaf/herbal tea in the late afternoon or evening (especially in winter, go figure). For the latter, I have a Hallmark teapot, given to me by a friend (Made in China, like everything else!)

    166. Ya good luck to them though. You wouldnt want players to be here if they didnt really want to anyways.Hopefully UCLA can get some Bigs as it is tough to find those. We certainly can use more of a presence down low.Gordon and Big J will come around as this year progress, but we certainly need to grab at least one more, if not two, bigs in 2010.

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    169. Igen, igen! A Slae-Yeorth már nevezett is rá, szóval mi leszünk. A karakteralkotás ugyan nem a legtökéletesebb (pl.: elÅ‘ny-hátrány nincs, kp-képzettségtanulás arány rossz, csak anyanyelvet kapunk alapból), ami kissé behatárolja a kibontakozást “customization” (hm, van ilyen szó?) terén. Majd teszünk javaslatokat a javításra. Eddig 2x voltam, s bár nem a legjobb kalandjaim voltak (bár a kalózhajós csata ász volt a tavaly tavasziban), azért várom.

    170. friends.running a forum is more than just…about letting every tom, dick and harry join and then letting them dictate the ‘mood’ of the forum. it’s up to you, as the administrator, to set some ground rules and abide by them.firstly, you must manually activate every new member…

    171. By the look of it, Benjamin has the best sense of dry wit I've ever seen.I used to think that Benji was playing games and was being ironic when he made many of his statements. But after many of his postings I do not believe that is the case. So far the evidence is overwhelming that he actually believes what he is writing. Of course, when things fall apart and Mark's error becomes evident Benji can always claim to have been joking because there was no way for someone to have been that wrong.

    172. If we could just go back and undo everything Sen. Phil Gramm and his (bipartisan) Banking Committee did to “modernize and reform” banking we could make this work. And the next time someone writes into their legislation prohibitions against regulation and investigation of new financial products and activities, maybe we should all be a little more skeptical.

    173. Ohlala décidement j’adore ce site ! Ma coiffure préférée dans l’appli est indéniablement les boucles serrées… Pourquoi ? Parce que j’ai les cheveux fins et peu abondants et qu’aucune coiffure ne tient plus d’un quart d’heure malgré tout ce que je peux y faire… (Pt’être que je suis pas douée ^^) J’aime aussi beaucoup ta variante, les boucles naturelles !Bises

    174. Could you at least find a way of having the Israeli negotiators with the PLO read this post, living in the ME they might at least get an inkling of what they are up against, with western leaders and corps diplomatique I feel you are to late to educate those in power. If you could get insight like expressed in this post into the program of any school for diplomats anywhere a few of the next generation politicians might get a head-start in their careers.

    175. Ter um blog não é só postar coisas bonitinhas, interessantes que chamam atenção aos olhos e ponto final. Como você disse tem que ter com compromisso primeiro com você mesmo. De que adianta sair se traindo só pra ter um MEGA nome na “rede” e ser famous se depois seu nome não vai valer nada? E é verdade, cada um tem sua personalidade, e o reconhecimento vem através disso.Tu fala bem, e bonito!

    176. This is great. I don’t think I ever told you but that picture took of K and myself nursing in the park hugely inspired me not only to keep going, but to be more forthright with baby#2 and her access to mama milk. Getting K to nurse was a rough road, less so than some others but hard none the less. Your picture reminded me, and still does, why it is so very worth it.

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    182. É preciso que se saiba que:“… Os portugueses comuns (os que têm trabalho) ganham cerca de metade (55%) do que se ganha na zona euro,Mas os nossos gestores recebem, em média:- mais 32% do que os americanos;- mais 22,5% do que os franceses;- mais 55 % do que os finlandeses;- mais 56,5% do que os suecos”(dados de Manuel António Pina, Jornal de Notícias, 24/10/09)

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    185. Awesome to hear about the back side of Refugio! Although the storms this year may have changed things, I’ll have to check it out. I’d love to ride the back side. Have fun this month in Santa Ynez! Should be a nice change of pace from Ohio. Have a picnic and some wine at Foxen (at their original, rustic shack location) or Rusack (beautiful, beautiful setting) while you’re out there.

    186. DiGi , you’re gonna loose your exst customers if you don’t improve your network quality soon….even if your plans are cheaper than other telcos….you must be joking with all the drop calls in the city centre, increase your capacity, planners or change your vendor….

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    189. to the other, “I’m taking my entire family to Hawaii for free, so I guess we really don’t have anything to complain about.”Re: the shoe removal, I have two requests – 1) Please make security a dustier and dirtier area so my socks look like I’ve been working a dredger; and 2) Please take your shoes off if you’re next to me on a plane. After all, this is your flying living room and I’m an old friend who doesn’t mind your foot odor issues.

    190. Amiralle, tai kelle tahansa kunnolliset piirteet ja OMAT VÄRIT omaavalle ihmiselle raikkaat värit käy ihanasti. Mutta otapa tämmöinen tavallinen suomiolmi ja laita sille päälle pinkkiä keltaista vihreää, niin jopa. Tulee äkkiä mieleen, että se harmaa hame olis ehkä just sopiva ratkaisu…

    191. Interressante et passionnante cette étudeun magazine que j’apprécie « Atmosphère »« Elle » je suis une habituée de longue date quant à « Marie-claire » je ne le lis plus mais « Roland Barthes » toujours et encore…

    192. I endorse PC's comments on Epic Pale Ale – I never tire of it. The king of beers for me. Rumour has it Countdown supermarkets stock it now – can anyone confirm this?Emerson's 1812 is very nice too, but expensive ($8 a bottle in a Queenstown bottle store a few weeks back!).

    193. As for when, according to the WMG site:"We’re pleased to announce that we’ve reached a new and expanded agreement with Google and its YouTube subsidiary that will bring WMG content back to the service as early as the end of the year."

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    195. Menschenopfer sind bei allen Wilden üblich. Genauso wie Krieg dort der Normalzustand ist.Aha. Und das berechtigt uns, sie zwecks »Bringung der Zivilisation« unsererseits auszurotten? Das klingt nicht nur komisch, ist aber nicht so komisch, wenn man darüber nachdenkt. Zumindest reduziert es blitzartig die angebliche ethische Ãœberlegenheit der Kolonisatoren auf Null (wenn nicht gar in den Bereich der negativen Zahlen)

    196. Welcome home, Claudia! Glad that you had good days while you were gone. Must have been a bit nice being away from the internet.Photographs are great; looks like konfetti being thrown to the sky!Just found out today about the 'forest year'; good news for you and me (and for the forest of course) Hugs Lilli

    197. Naljakas jah. Ma pole ka vist mitte kunagi ühtegi stereotüüpi Prantsusmaa meessoo kohta kuulnud. Küll olen aga miskipärast alati eeldand, et nad on väga väljapeetud ja viisakad ja mitte mingd «ei saa aru mis ei on»- tüübid. Aga ma pole kunagi nendega kokku ka puutund.

    198. Ideea de bază a autoarei e invers – nu poÈ›i să militezi în contra principiului statului È™i să foloseÈ™ti bani publici ca să faci tu ce spui că din principiu nu ar trebui făcut. Mai citiÈ›i o dată, personajul principal aici nu e statul.

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    202. – Dan & Erin, this is just awesome. Knowing you’re so excited about looking through your photos during your honeymoon together is a pretty neat consolation prize even though we can’t enjoy the sun and sand with you. LOL! Have a great time during the rest of your trip there! Talk to you soon. 10.15.12 – 11:47am

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    210. more stupid crap, like what is communism? He says you must be old to know communism etc. The clown rikker is just jabbering now and moving his big lips. Rikker can see cuba from his house and wants to know what communism is. Are the commies in the white house old? Is soetoro old? moochelle? those that giggle about "mao"? "che"? rikker should take a flight to cuba and stay there, he would be much happier and contented.

    211. Muito bom o texto sobre o Aquy …. realmente é de se suspeitar … apesar que tenho um amigo que ganhou uns 5 mil reais com o sistema no inicio … agora acho que o sistema não tem mais folego … também concordo que o sistema é uma piramide disfarçada .. mas entra quem quer né ??Abraços

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    215. hmmm…. yasabel…. nie pomyslalam o tym… to moze zadzialac, bo tez zarlok :Dzacheusz: no ty sie kiedys z takimi Oscarami meczyc bedziesz 😀 nie? no na szczescie Oscar to ogolnie spokojny kot, i tylko troche niedotykalski, no coz… moze powolutku sie to zmieni. dzis w planie kapiel, wiec na pewno znow sie ofochuje niesamowicie 😀

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    219. I love the Patch Pals. I can’t wait to make the hedgehog for my daughter, who owns a hedgehog named after Jacqueline Kennedy/Onassis. We call her Jackie I love the quilt label page. I love the tutorial about seam allowance, thank you!!

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