Death by pizza

Would it actually kill me? I don’t know. Would I almost be willing to risk it? Maybe.

The steroids seem to have me stabilized again. This time, the docs have already transitioned me off the IV version and onto my old friend prednisone. There will be no more assuming that I can transition to that and real food simultaneously.

Thursday is the earliest I can be released. That gives them one day to fully observe me on real food. Everything I eat is watched, from when it goes in to how it comes out. The poor nurses.

That leads me back to pizza. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until this afternoon, and I was ready to gnaw on my sheets. Finally, I’m back on clear liquids. Maybe tomorrow, soft, bland food. Oh, the possibilities. When I get out, it will be more soft, low fiber food for a week. And lots of steroids obviously.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep entertained, and waiting to have my IV diet (for electrolytes) removed so I can circle the ward for exercise without making such a racket. It’s an exciting but, for the moment, mostly pain free life. Beats needing to be carried out of the house by paramedics any day.


  1. So glad to hear you’re mostly pain free after some pretty terrible days. I know I can’t send a pizza to your hospital room, but can I send a kindle book to help you pass the time?

    1. Oh dear…disappointed not to see my The Colour of Her Eyes on your list…ok book is set in UK…but I'm Irish…and you can read reviews of it on prestigious ahm) sites such as A Common Reader, His Futile Preoccupations and Accd.imedbooksacom…almittedly they're all UK based sites…oh well…Best, etc…Conan Kennedy

  2. So late responding here, but thanks guys! I did get my pizza finally, and it was as good as I’d been daydreaming.

    And Yen, thanks for the offer. 🙂 I keep my Nook loaded with tons of books for emergencies, so I was good.

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    6. Is it that bad that you’ll have to bomb the house? We had fleas in our cats really bad a year ago, but since we vacuum every other day they never got into the carpet and furniture. I read about the bomb, it doesn’t sound like fun at all….

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    9. Oh, Roxy…..though she has changed, mostly due to us no doubt, she is still the mosy hilarious unacknowledged eccentric I know! haha! Did I mention that I love this blog?? I am debating creating a sister blog, Rosey Moss, reflecting mom’s birth certificate drama which resulted in her finding out her true, documented name, “Roseanne”, as opposed to “Roxanne”…..remember that!?!? haha! Anon, this blog rocks like Roxy! xoxo

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    38. i could kill for some girl scout cookies being an ex-pat. don’t know what we got till it’s gone… but thanks for also reminding me that since i too would be tempted to go by the box rather than the individual cookie i’m lucky they’re beyond my reach.

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    42. Soooooo good to hear from you, Donna! And thank you for sharing some of your journey with me. I’d loved reading your words and getting a glimpse of how God is growing and changing your life. Beautiful. Keep writing … and keep coming back here so I can “see” you from time to time! Much love, M

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    66. Hey Will! Love the radio show and listen to it via USB stick in the car radio on the way to work all the time. Have you ever heard of Max Igan? Was wondering what you thoughts were of him. Your two shows make up for most of what I listen to in the car. (with the exception of a little Boston and Phil Collins thrown in for good measure)

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    85. Ooh, that shawlette yarn is fab. Love the color, and glad you’re enjoying the pattern. And I’m only a teeny bit jealous that you can knit on a bus. I’m okay on a plane or train, but anything that moves on wheels makes me barfy. I’m sure you were dying to know that.

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    88. Coming to this late I know, but the songs are: Wild Dances by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), an Italian entry (that I do not recognise), My Number One by Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005), Water by Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov (Bulgaria 2007), Hard Rock Hallejuah by Lordi (Finland 2006), Poupée de cire, poupée de son by France Gall (Luxembourg 1965), Qele, Qele by Sirusho (Armenia 2008) and the European Union anthem « Ode to Joy » composed by Beethoven

    89. – “If we outlaw guns, only criminals will own guns”. But there will be *fewer* guns in circulation and, unless you are describing the police and other law enforcement agencies as criminals, that clearly isn’t true.

    90. AN UNRELATED ISSUE:YouTube Editors: Recently, upon uploading my videos, the audio has not been synching with the video. (The video will lag and the audio will get a little off–not horrible, but it's distracting.) When I watch the original file, it is synched. What can I do to correct this?

    91. Scusate, ma io non ho ancora capito quando dove e come le gerarchie ecclesiastiche avrebbero chiesto la censura del video.[OT]concordo con emanuele: tutte le volte che in nome dell’ateismo si è cercato di sbarazzarsi della religione, si è generato un numero di morti-guerre-persecuzioni spaventoso.[FINE OT]

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    95. Thank you so much for writing this piece. I love your personal touches and I believe all women can identify with you on this matter. It is so refreshing to hear a story of a women that stands up for what she believe, and not catering to others ideas of “what you should be” to me that is the true mark of being a feminist!

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    104. What! I forgot to stop into the pub and say hi to everyone. Stopping by this morning. Having a little trouble waking up and getting started but wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed all the poems I’ve read so far. Coffee and cereal time. Thanks to everyone who has come by. You’re all welcome!

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    109. Dale, I enjoyed your article. I, too, have spent the day thinking back to my 4th grade classroom with Mrs. Pepmeier sitting down with tears streaming down her face after our principal, Mr. Singleton, announced that President Kennedy had been shot…..

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    113. Utkal…when u read even Farah interviews and what their family faced when Sajid / Farah were in childhood….he clearly seems to have some complex…not that I call him abnormal and all…everyone has complex /some bend of mind today’s world. Very few are perfectly sane and in healthy mind….let him talk what he wants to…I will ignore it. He was a good comedian…thats all for me.

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    123. Tardigrade – ditto here. Evo Psych (other other ‘evo’ branches) rely too much on ‘explanation’ (making up a good story), and not enough on predicition (the supposed gold standard in real science). For what its worth — the best stories are often fiction — truth is stranger, and messier than tidy explanations.

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    125. Nervous is probably good — a little adrenaline rush never hurts. And if it makes you think about repatriation before you go, so much the better. It’s the ones who don’t think it through (people like me!) who are caught off guard.

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    127. Tienes toda la razón, o eso pienso. Me gusta eso de que con razón la reunión salió tan mal. Mira que hay blogueras con bitácoras interesantes: tú eres un claro ejemplo de una que destila sinceridad, frescura, etc. etc. En fin, faltan más voces como la tuya que seguro que están ahí y lo dicen en otros foros. ¡Un besote!

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    130. This is from the CDC website, "Each flu season is unique, but it is estimated that, on average, approximately 5% to 20% of U.S. residents get the flu, and more than 200,000 persons are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year. About 36,000 Americans die on average per year from the complications of flu."

    131. I just posted this on my site. It’s quite sad and tragic. I really do think whatever causes people to have the “it” factor also causes them to have addictive types of personalities. We are drawn to them, but they are drawn to tragedy.

    132. PatrickFebruary 6, 2012I think the Fitbit is great. I have been wearing it for a week and it has shown me a great deal about my activity level. I had to set the goals a little lower and hope to start raising it after a few months. I would like to know how it tracks the quality of your sleep. Have not tried it during sleep. I will add comments as I see how the Fitbit performs over time.

    133. I would love anything that would be suitable for me to start patchwork. I have the sewing machine (have had it since Last year) I even bought loads of squares to get started from ebay.. Went to do it a few weeks ago and my Other Half had chucked them out several weeks earlier.. thought they were scrap!!!! So please put my number in the hat for anything you think might so the job. Am loving your new header too x

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    135. Seja bem-vindo Maurício, obrigado pelas suas palavras tão gentis. Sim, não sou Rui, mas sou BARBOSA com muito orgulho de pertencer aos desbravadores desde chão e de ter a dignidade que é uma das características nossa. … Sem esquecermos, é claro, das nossas mães, tão honestas, tão amigas, tão… são muitas qualidades que tornam até indizíveis. B eijos meu querido primo do coração, Abraços em todos os familiares e os aguardo aqui.

    136. lOndOn bad-gone cr9 je le déteste comme toi apparemment, mais il faut vraiment etre aveugle pour dire qu’il est mauvais… il fait que courrire vite… = debordement = centre = goal… et oui c’est simple le foot non ? ok c’est un bon athlete….. mais man ! tu as fummer ? le foot c’est un sport qui est 80% athletique,10% technique! et 10 mental petit

    137. These are not “actors” as you describe them, these are real people with missing sons, husbands, etc…. I think you should go back and watch Bahij Bjeij’s incrdible documentary “Kidnapped” which was done long ago, and which I think still remains the most powerful testimony about the matter. I am not negating the campaign by Grey, but I think it was done way better in the past.

    138. Si les licences Creative Commons étaient mieux connues et respectées, ce serait plus facile! Les blogueurs suisses ont fait quelques expériences avec la presse en Suisse romande, avec une utilisation non conforme de photos prises sur Flickr, qui donne pourtant toutes les explications au sujet des droits d’auteur et des crédits d’attribution. J’ai aussi publié quelques .

    139. Maybe the truth is that Srila Prabhupada created ISKCON for the world to teach and learn how to love God.These Green Cadet groups that are flocking to ISKCON should take their Green Card facilities elsewhere’s and let the Hare Krsna’s worship Radha and Krsna instead of dealing with people getting green cards and authorities getting paid off to run such facilites. Love You All Always,Lala

    140. Problem w tym, że jestem w stanie wyobrazić sobie sytuacjÄ™, w której samochód da siÄ™ prowadzić, ale wysiadanie wymaga poszerzonej przestrzeni – czy nie jest tak, czasowo, po operacji stawu biodrowego na którymÅ› etapie rehabilitacji (majaczy mi historia mojej ciotki, ale nie udajÄ™ znawcy)? Czy w takiej sytuacji zatrzymanie siÄ™ na miejscu dla inwalidy też jest bezwarunkowo zÅ‚e?

    141. Team based rewards would = fail. My team had low poll results last year. This year the ICs have a commitment to give their management a high score. It's brilliant. Management has figured out how to improve morale. They've dictated that we be happy or risk getting an underachieved.We aren't about results anymore, but rather have become focused purely on internal perception. The emperor's clothes sure are nice!

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    149. How does the University system work in Spain? Are degrees state-funded or are they moving towards having to pay fees as in the UK? That will mean an awful lot of people a)having degrees and b)graduating with no job prospects and a mountain of debt if that’s the case.

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    152. he might want to read it too so I’ll make sure he knows there’s a deadline!Please let me know your dates as soon as you can, ‘cos I just talked to my sister and she’s thinking of coming around that time too! We can all meet up together, but we might go out of town for a few days while she’s here…

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    157. Bravo, dagli anche le idee per la prossima versione…Comunque, un’operazione del genere unita alla criptazione di molti file importanti credo che farebbe lavorare parecchio il disco fisso, e la cosa potrebbe attirare l’attenzione dell’utente. E’ pur vero che anche se se ne accorge è da vedere cosa possa farci, ma questo è un altro discorso.

    158. Gorgeous wintery photographs Donna, and fabulous burls too! It is amazing how many threats there are to native trees, all across the country, from pollution, diseases, and shifts in climate. Our own oaks and madrones seem to be dying at an alarming rate in recent years, but we’re trying to replant what we can. I had no idea that Arbor Day was on a different date in each state…learn something every day! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    159. Absolutely. In different countries and cultures “volunteering” goes by different names. Neighboring, support circles, Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc.Whatever you call it, volunteers always help build community and give it “flavor”:-)

    160. please don't lose your edge (or become hip)DG. in other words, take the admiration of others (as seen above and throughout your site) as an appreciation/respect for your genuine and honest perspective. i've been dropping in for a couple of years now but no more freeloading. i'm subscribing and hitting your tip jar in a small way to hopefully perpetuate your talent and blog for others to appreciate. Thank you

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    163. Nie znam hindorela ani chevala ale myślę, że dobrze główkują, kiedy wejść na rynek. Sam jestem ciekawy, jak to zrobią. Fym jednak długi język ma i gada co mu ślina na niego przyniesie a banuje nie tych co trzeba:))))Jak myślisz, dlaczego Pan Przewodniczący Poseł Macierewicz pisze listy do Fyma przez osobę trzecią?

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    165. 13dTexancelt, Dude, you’ve got me confused with someone else. I despise the very idea of Marxism and all of it’s bastard children! (Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Progressivism) There are plenty of Commies posting on this board, but I’m not one of them!d729

    166. The Sick Guy / Thanks for your wishes KP, damn its really weird i am following such a schedule. I never thought in my entire life geting up at 5am… Damn that sucks, but well its my new routine. I never knew when my body adapted such a time clock. I hope to get well soon too… Thanks for your wishes sweetheart..

    167. Nagymamámmal készítettem utoljára, kb. 5 évesen ezt a csodadesszertet, most kissé félve kezdtem neki. Bátyám nosztalgikus-mosolygós tekintetéből ítélve azonban ez a recept is tökéletes! köszönöm!!!!!:)

    168. : Il parait qu’il y a un rapport sortit il y a peu qui conclu que les particules fines que l’on rejette dans l’atmosphère génèrent plus d’effet de serre que le CO2… Mais je l’ai pas encore trouvé… je cherche…Je pense qu’il faut plus prendre le CO2 comme n symbole de l’utilisation a outrance des énergies fossiles et de toutes les saloperies que l’on rejette en masse dans l’atmosphère que comme le principal responsable, seul coupable.

    169. Je suis d’accord avec vous, l’augmentation de TVA tel qu’elle est faite par le gouvernement est une mauvaise solution.Mais j’ai quand même une question, êtes vous des partisans de la TVA = impôt injuste ?Moi non. Par exemple, le gouvernement aurait pu transférer entièrement les charges salariales sur la TVA. Le travail aurait alors était récompenser face à la rente.Et j’aime bien l’idée que les touristes étrangers venant en France participent à entretenir the french way of life qu’il viennent découvrir.

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    171. Cde Godfather isn’t thinking this through.Zuma falling to a vote of no confidence in the Assembly is so much more an elegant feelgood option than blood and guts on the floor at Mangaung.And, it will reset our country back on the ‘right’ path for a hundred years.(OK, until 2040, when the demographics torpedo SA because the ANC have dicked around for 18 years…)

    172. Having worked as a photojournalist in the 1970s with cameras that did not even have exposure meters, I’m always amused when something like this comes up. I shot by knowing the film speed and adjusting for any exposure variations in the darkroom. Today, I shoot in RAW and make any exposure adjustments (usually few or none) in the conversion process. Exposure meters, histograms, etc., are only guides anyway. The right exposure might not be the correct exposure. My advise: don’t depend on the histogram.

    173. Ok, por mi no problem, seguramente esta semana o principios de la que viene pida mi iMac así­ que si me acuerdo ya entraré en Apple desde vuesta publi, en cuanto a lo de la dirección pues si me dice que no la encuentra pero bueno, la pregunta serí­a y si por lo que sea envian un paquete donde no toca como se lo explicas a Apple que se a equivocado? xD porqué yo me acuerdo de la última vez que me enviaron algo y simplemente te dicen firma y te dejan el paquete y se largan, así­ que cualquier persona puede recivir un paquete que no a pedido. xD

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    175. Hi Sophie! I like how you think about this moment not lasting forever- I need to think of it more like that, like “let’s just get this thing over with and move on” instead of “noo, I don’t wanna!” I have some good resources to share this week- will include a link to the self-hypnosis- I’m going to try it right now before bed! Thanks for commenting Sophie, we love hearing from our Catalyst grads in here! I’m so glad you’re still digging what we’re putting out there, thanks for the kind words! -jena

    176. *hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*Na ist doch klar. Du hast in einem vorherigen Artikel zugegeben, das der Schriftzug auf der Canon manipuliert ist, da Du dich in einem Spiegel fotografiertest.In den Anderen Bild ist alles richtig rum (also spiegelverkehrt). Dann ist es wohl das richtige und wahre. Und da es in Canada keinen Real,- Supermarkt gibt…. können wir nur zu einem Schluss kommen. ))))Beweisaufnahme abgeschlossen*hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*Have fun & Take care in Canada

    177. Hey Bob, despite the disappearance of Dork Z. on your blog I immediately recognized you…but I don’t think the GOP, evil as it is, has handed the election to Obama…the American public is too stupid and racist…even the yidden have trouble of letting go of the idea that McCain is some kind of reformer…I have a blog too. hellibrarian.blogspot.comI put yours on it. Hope you’re well. Helen

    178. Merci pour le lien Romain. C’est plus clair. Je suis un novice en photo, mais je ne comprends pas le tableau de Laurent. Pour moi, un 35 mm sur petit capteur correspond à un 50 mm sur un grand format. Or, d’après le tableau « coefficient multiplicateur », j’ai l’inverse : pour avoir l’équivalent d’un 55 mm grand format, il me faudrait un 82 mm en petit capteur…

    179. Moje najsłodsze święta miały miejsce rok temu kiedy moja córeczka dzieląc się ze mną opłatkiem , całując słodko w policzek wyszeptała mi do uszka MAMA. To było cudowne uczycie, wkońcu to usłyszeć, nawet jak terz sobie o tym przypomnę zaraz mam gęsią skórkę. Nigdy niezapomne tej magicznej chwili, tych pięknych szalenie ważnych świąt.

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    186. The white stool would go perfectly with my boy’s nursery and playroom, but I can’t resist the red – it’s so fun and cheerful. I’d have to pair it with a shortstop table. Together they would be perfect for arts and crafts, tea parties, drawing time, eating dinner, climbing on, crawling under, playing cars, pretending to be in a boat, turning into a cubby house, building forts, turning into a truck, making an obstacle course, and for putting mum’s glass of wine on at the end of the day.

    187. I’m not sure, does penalty of perjury even apply to a DMCA request? IANAL, but I’d always thought perjury dealt with sworn testimony given for a court of law.And does Craig really need to say that he’s authorized HIMSELF to do this? It seems rather superfluous.


    189. que pena me da, pero todos los que estan a favor de piedad cordoba, son, como ella, TRAIDORES!!!! Por Dios, amen su pais, apoyen a su gobernante, no dejen que estos guerrilleros Chavez y piedad tengan nada que ver en nuestro pais. FUERA DE COLOMBIA PIEDAD CORDOBA!!!!

    190. If the people of Gujarat have chosen him again and again with a great majority, that means they validate his actions and chief ministership.This includes the muslims also.And the number of fiascoes UPA govt has done so far and resultant loss of face/money to the country is much higher than anything that Narendra Modi is accused of.

    191. Holden used privileged backstage information, such as when Susan was vomiting from pre-show nerves to mock her. I am done with Holden and will not watch CBS Early Show which she got a job on as a result of Boyle.

    192. Just what I was looking for.. planning for my trip next month.. thanks for the list Nina.. I’m gonna fly in through Puerto Princesa and will have to take the van to El Nido then.. hopefully the road conditions are ok..

    193. Well, thanks for the reviews and the recommendations, Kilian–that’s always good to hear. But I have definitely never spoken on a panel at a convention of any kind. I sure hope someone talked about me at one, though. That would be awesome.As to the blog, well, I really should post on it more. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at doing it while actually writing my next book (and also all the time in general), so it might not be used for much more than big news for a while unless I get a big flash of inspiration for a post. Sorry!

    194. I agree, I just think it’s interesting that Felix considers anyone less than 2 million poor (actually from 2 to 4 million in net worth poor).I guess why you have the level of wealth that he has, 2 or 4 million would be chump change…

    195. Hey ValI’d like to appologize for questioning your SCIENTIST status.{I know exactly who you are now,} I still think the Dora ZG stuff was a crazy goose chase and that forum is WHACKY …Just my opinion and I am sure you have your opinion of me!I did say you sounded like a sweet little old lady…lolSorry but you did.

    196. Sin vaina. I dunno, it’s just so vacuous. If you read the script on the page – without the sappy music and the ridiculous camera work and that pretty face – you just realize how desperately vague and content free it is.

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    200. They are in historic Inman Park. Sorry the link was not working before. If you click on the blue Shuan’s Restaurant now, you’ll link to their website. The post the one weekend a month celiac menu on line now as well. They will accomodate gluten-free diners on non celiac menu weekends. I found the soda they made my dessert with so I’m going to attempt to recreate it soon.